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High Quality Cookware Manufacturers since 1565.

We are a global company leader in housewares specialized in manufacturing and selling high quality cookware. Our headquarters are based in the north east of Spain, close to the Mediterranean Sea. Our history dates back to the 16th century which means we are one of the oldest housewares companies in the world operating today. Castey is tradition, experience and knowledge; this extraordinary legacy has passed through the generations along with exclusive unique designs and innovation.

Our research and development program has allowed us to patent our own technologies and our collaboration with world renowned designers has allowed us to create unique designs to meet today cookware requirements, developing more functional, stylish, energy efficient and eco-friendly pots and pans for an easier, practical and healthy cooking.

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  • Induction IND Induction
    Solve your Problems with Induction Cooktops
    How do induction products work? How must I use them to take the most of them? Why my fry pan doesn’t work in some hobs? In this section we shed light to these and many other frequent doubts among users of this kind of cooking surfaces.
  • How to distinguish good frypans CHS Choose
    How to Recognize a Good Frying Pan at a Glance
    Why some frying pans are so cheap and some other so expensive if all them are just frying pans? Which are the main differences between aluminium, stainless steel and iron? Enter this section and next time you will surely choose the best one for you!
  • Nonsticks NON Non-stick
    Trues, Lies and Myths about Non-stick Coatings
    So much has been said about non-stick coatings that we could write a book about them. In this section we have tried summarize main information circulating on the network to clarify the most frequent doubts about this component.
  • Use and care MNT Maintenance
    Instruction Manuals are Very Boring
    If you are one of those who never read an instruction manual, in this section we explain you the key points you have to take into account to take care of your products. We promise to be funnier than an instruction manual!

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