Innovation is our oldest tradition

We follow one common objective: dedicating and improving ourselves every day to make the best products.

History and Tradition

The legacy the company has passed through the generations is one of our strong points. We are committed to offer the highest quality cookware and tableware products. That’s why design and technology is the company philosophy for all our projects. We believe it is a must to continuously improve the design, technology and products features to give added value and turn them into the perfect choice.

Own Patented Technologies

We have developed, patented and added several own technologies to cookware, and this is one of the keys of our worldwide recognition. We were the first manufacturer to develop a technology that made possible to use cast aluminium cookware in induction cooktops. Permanent attached silicone side handles is another Castey’s own patent. We were the first manufacturer to determine the necessity to develop a technology to prevent consumers to get accidentally burned when handling cast aluminium handles.

Unique Design

Our Research and Development team works side by side with renowned designers to design our collections. The main premise is our designs must be attractive, but must stand out in functional benefits above all. This philosophy has produced important results, such as removable handles of fry pans, saucepans, grills and griddles.

Mediterranean Healthy Cooking

We follow the premises of one of the healthiest cooking in the world to create cookware collections which achieve perfect even cooking and preserve all vitamins and natural flavors. We use high tech non-stick coating to avoid food from sticking on the pans and enjoy delicious flavored recipes without adding oils or butters. We are proud to collaborate with entities that promote the benefits of low fat and healthy diet.

Bells, Sculptures and Casseroles

The three Symbols of our History

Once Upon a Time…

Castey products capture the handcraft legacy of Barberí artistic foundry, founded in the 16th Century. During its long history, the Barberí artistic foundry has produced bells, sculptures and, of course, cookware. Some of the old casseroles made in the foundry have lasted until the present days. Nowadays, these ancient casseroles made of bronze are sold as antiques.

The Beginning

Castey was born from the Barberí Artistic Foundry to create a cookware home division able to increase the production and distribution of the cookware products which had been manufactured in Barberí since the sixteenth century.n

First Products

Castey first product was the Concave Casserole, which today is still one of the most representative products of the company. It was developed to improve the most popular traditional Catalan casserole. Its introduction created consumers awareness in valuing cast aluminum advantages, which encouraged Castey to keep on developing new items.

New Materials

Castey specialization is cast aluminum cookware with non-stick coating, but recently we have introduced cookware made of other materials, such as stainless steel and cast iron, and expanded into tabletop and foodprep by introducing flatware and cutlery.

In Touch With our Origins

Meanwhile, Barberí craftsmen continue casting in bronze, the work of art of innumerable internationally-known artists. It is also one of the few companies left in the world that still continues to work in the art of bell making, with reputation known for its perfect distinctive tones of superiority. We share our headquarters with the Barberí Artistic Foundry so as not to lose connection with our origin.