Yes, you’re right. They are extremely boring. Even people who write them get absolutely bored while doing it. But you should read them. Yes, it’s true. A cast aluminium pan with non-stick coating is not an electronic tool with latest technologies, one hundred million configuration options and all those advanced functionalities technology fans love, but its instruction manual tells you some interesting things that could help you make your pan last many years. Furthermore, the writer has carefully worked with dedication and responsibility so reading it would be nice on your side. Anyway, we are not going to force you. We have even written a more entertained and funny instruction manual version especially for you including some useful tips to take the most of your pan. It’s focused on cast aluminium pans with non-stick coating, but we suggest you to follow them no matter your pans are made of. Anyway, if you prefer the serious version, you can easily found it in our web FAQ’s and even download all our instruction manuals to solve all your doubts. Instruction manuals are available for all our cast aluminium, cast iron and stainless steel collections.


1. Forks are made to eat, not to cook


Yes, chefs do it. We are sure you have seen them doing it in TV more than once. Don’t. Never. We know temptation is huge: it’s on hand; you have just used it to beat eggs so why don’t use it to remove the omelette or even to turn the steak? It’s OK; it’s just one time, isn’t it? It’s not OK. Forks and metallic utensils scratch the non-stick coating, even the most resistant and durable one. Scratched and damaged non-stick coating is the first sign showing your pan will need to be replaced soon. If you don’t want this to happen, always use thermoplastic, silicone or even wood utensils to cook from now on.


2. Stop doing one hundred things at the same time


You must be focused on cooking when you are cooking. Stop sending cute kitten memes and silly jokes to all your WhatsApp groups. You can do it later. Don’t worry, you will have plenty of time to take a picture to your recipe once is finished to share it in Instagram. If you are doing one trillion things at the same time you will probably forget that fry pan you left alone in the hob. Consequently, food will get burned; pan overheated and non-stick coating damaged. Maybe even your cooktop will get damaged. Good news is you will still have a funny post to share with your friends.


3. Being able to turn the heat on full doesn’t mean you should do it


We know you love using all energy and power available. It’s there, so why don’t? But turning the heat right up is as tempting as unnecessary; and even counter-productive. Even though doing it and waiting until the fry pan is super-hot to cook anything may seem a very practical good idea, you will only achieve one thing: wreak your pan. Follow these easy rules if you don’t want this to happen to you:


– Don’t start cooking at high temperatures. Preheat the pan to a low temperature for about 10 seconds before turning the heat up to protect your pan and the non-stick coating.

– In fact, you could try not to cook at high temperature never again. Just get used to medium to low temperatures and you will note food tastes even better and on top of that you will save money, especially if you choose a hop that’s smaller or equal to the bottom of the pan.


4. Scourers and pans will never be friends


Throw them away or use them for any other thing because they have been made to scratch your pan. Furthermore, you don’t need them anymore. If you have a good pan and listen to us you will note any food rest can be easily removed with hot water and a mild detergent. You can even clean it in the dishwasher if you are not one of those who pile everything in the dishwasher with no order. If so, there’s a risk your pan gets damaged by a knife or fork piled just underneath it.


Learn more about how to take the most of your non-stick coating.


5. Don’t cook where you must not


When we explain cast aluminium pans with non-stick coating can be used in all cooking surfaces we mean gas, vitroceramic, induction and electric cooktops. In fact some of them can also be used in the oven –Castey ones for sure, as they come with our great removable handles featuring many advantages. You have plenty of options to choose, so don’t use them where you shouldn’t. We are referring to barbecues, coal, wood fire and especially the microwave.


Silly speech has finally made this post a little bit longer than the typical instruction manual, but hopefully also a little bit funnier. We will be glad if we have not bored you too much and also if we have helped you to know a little bit more about how to take care of the non-stick coating of your pan; because if non-stick coating doesn’t work, you will need to throw your pan away for sure.

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