The main inconvenience of conventional induction hobs is cooking vessels base diameter must be the same as induction hob to properly activate it, especially in the basic models. This can become a big issue: small and medium size pans, which are the most used ones, only work in one or two hobs at the most, as the biggest hobs don’t detect them. Flexinduction hobs have been developed to solve this problem. They also include other interesting features by the way. You will enjoy them a lot if you are a cooking lover.

What is flexinduction?

Unlike conventional induction cooktops, flexinduction hobs come with some sensors that work individually. The automatically detect the size and shape of each pan and only heat the hob zones in contact with them.
This allows using rectangular, oval or any shape cookware without the limits of a circular induction hob. Cookware size also become irrelevant, as flexinduction cooktops can detect them almost anywhere. We can even place more than one pan in the same cooking zone and choose if we want to use the same temperature or set different temperatures for each pan.
Castey Vulcano Cookware is perfect for flexinduction hobs. Roaster Pans and Flat Tray Pans wide rectangular Full Induction base achieves the best energy efficiency in all brands induction cooktops for best even heat distribution. Permanent attached side silicone handles prevent accidentally getting burned. They are also very smooth and comfortable. Vulcano cookware has excellent release properties: food doesn’t stick on surface, even when low fat cooking.

Which are the main advantages of flexinduction hobs?

Compared to traditional induction hobs, flexindution hobs main advantage is you won’t need to worry about cookware base diameters anymore. You will be able to use pots and pans of any size without limits. Flexinduction hob will always detect them, no matter if they are very big or very small. As flexinduction effective cooking surface is wider, you will be able to cook more dishes at the same time . No misused zones provides you higher performance than conventional induction hobs-biggest and smallest zones of traditional induction hobs are frequently misused-. Finally, as individual sensors only heat the required zone, you will save energy.
These are the basic features of flexinduction hobs, but not all flexinduction hobs are the same. Basic models only add a small flexible zone to the traditional circular ones. Some other models have various independent flexinduction zones which, in some models, can work as unique big zones. There are even some models with a unique flexible zone with no delimited areas. The truth is flexinduction options and prices are practically unlimited.
This is because manufacturers have the certainly these are the cooktops of the future and work to constantly improve their features and advantages. Its goal is to convince everybody to start using induction hobs, even the biggest gas cooktops defenders.

What do most advanced flexinduction models feature?

Most advanced flexinduction models are the ones with a unique flexible zone with no delimited areas and the ones that allow connecting independent cooking zones to make they work as a unique one.
Most advanced flexinduction hobs allow doing things never possible before. They can save the adjustments used to cook with each pan to automatically transfer them to any part of the cooktop when the pan is moved. This allows taking the most of the hob cooking surface to cook many dishes at the same time.
Manufacturers also highlight the function that divides a zone in three parts and automatically assigns a different temperature to each part: high temperature in the front to boil fast, medium in the middle to slow cooking and the minimum one in the rear part to keep warm. Each zone is only activated when in use.
They can do other amazing things, such as automatically adjust temperature to keep oil or water at the same temperature during the cooking procedure, tell you about consumptions to control energy waste, digital screen, superfast heating to boil water in few seconds, time programs and many other funny functions to make you wish them even if you know you won’t take the most of them.

Do you really think they have not a single disadvantage?

Of course they have! Price is the main one. Basic models can cost about 1.000€ and the most advanced ones near 4.000€. For this reason, it’s very important to think about if you really need to have all these functions or not. Not all of us cook the same way. These hobs are great if you cook many things at the same time and use different cooking techniques and temperatures. Or if you own oval, rectangular, very big or very small cookware. If you are not one of them, maybe the investment is not worth it. Our guide to choose cooktop can help you choosing the perfect one for you.
You must also take into consideration that having a flexinduction cooktop doesn’t mean you can cook with an unlimited amount of pots and pans at the same time, even if they are very small. The number of individual sensors which can work at the same time is limited. Power settings are also limited: even the most advanced models will only allow you to cook with a maximum number of different temperatures at the same time.
And don’t forget you will be still cooking in a conventional vitroceramic glass. As we explain in our guide to clean vitroceramic cooktops, vitroceramic glasses are delicated and a little bit capricious.

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