Induction cooktops are so capricious that not only require specially designed cookware but also ask them to fulfill some other requirements to work correctly. Although they are quite easy to accomplish, you could regret having changed your old hob for that new one you found so beautiful in the store if you don’t take them into consideration. You wouldn’t be the first one. Luckily we have summarized below some basic indications so as you are not the next one:


1. It’s not going to work if it’s not an induction pan


The first you must check when your pan doesn’t work is that it’s really an induction ready pan. It is written in the pan for sure and manufacturers usually indicate it in the base, but in case they have not or if you are one of those who don’t trust anybody, the best to check it is to place a magnet in the base. If it works your pan is an induction one. We are so sorry but you would need to buy a new one if it doesn’t.


2. Size matters


Once this first basic step is done, second most important thing is size, which really matters in this case. Cooking vessel base diameter must be the same as induction hob. If it’s too big some zones will remain outside the hob and won’t heat properly, but if it’s too small the pan may not activate the hob, which brings us to the next and very important point:


3. Your pan is not always guilty


If you don’t have an induction cooktop yet, we recommend you to read our post about how to choose the perfect cooktop. it’s very important to take into consideration that not all induction cooktops work the same way and have the same good performance. Cooking zones of low range ones only include one pan detector in the outer edge of each hob. This can become a big issue because small and medium size pans, which are the most used ones, only work in one or two hobs at the most, as the biggest hobs don’t detect them. This brings us to use only half of our induction cooktop, getting angry because we are in a hurry and the only hob we can use is already occupied and misusing our induction cooktop. Our recommendation is to spend a little bit more to buy a cooktop with multiple detectors in each hob or even the high range cooktops without zones.


4. Keep contact


Induction cooktops doesn’t work if there is no contact with the pan. This is the reason why you have to use cookware with thick plain non-deformable bases. If the base is too thin it can lose its shape easily when cooking at high temperatures and even damage the cooktop in case of overheating. You must learn to distinguish good cookware in stores to choose the perfect pan. You will also need to cook carefully and never leave cookware unattended to be sure this never happens to you.


5. Yes, chefs do it. But you must not


All of us have seen a chef cooking in a restaurant or in TV. They happily shake pans to remove food instead of using a spoon. Yes, it’s really cool and fun, but don’t do this at home. You are going to splash all around and if you have an induction or vitroceramic cooktop you are going to damage it for sure.There are many other things you should never do at home. Instruction manuals that come inside cookware gift boxes always explain this tips, but as we know nobody reads them, we have written our own version, which is a little bit funnier than an instruction manual and even explains all you should know to take good care of your cookware.


6. Don’t clean your cooktop with the first think you find around


Your induction cooktop is not only capricious but also very delicate and can easily get scratched or damaged if you don’t treat it a little bit carefully. Even some salt could scratch its surface so you must clean any food rest meticulously and keep it always clean so as it lasts many years. Wait until it cools down before cleaning it gently with a wet sponge and always use induction or vitroceramic cleaning products. Dry it after cleaning. And remember: you must never use abrasive materials on it. Here you can learn more about how to clean and take care of your induction cooktop.

Castey products have unbeatable performance in induction cooktops. If you prefer cooking with cast aluminium products, we recommend our Classic Induction, Vulcano and Fundix Collections. But if you prefer other materials, our stainless steel and cast iron collections will fit your needs perfectly. Our products are not only suitable for induction and all cooking surfaces, but also feature many other practical advantages, such our removable handles system, which saves storage space, makes manual and dishwasher cleaning easier, provides easy oven cooking and makes your cookware more versatile.

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The main inconvenience of conventional induction hobs is cooking vessels base diameter must be the same as induction hob to properly activate it, especially in the basic models. This can become a big issue: small and medium size pans, which are the most used ones, only work in one or two hobs at the most,


Eve jones
December 30, 2018

I have one of your induction jobs, unfortunately I can’t find out why a ‘low’ sign appears and then I can’t use the hob without first switching it off at the mains. What am I doing wrong

January 9, 2019

Hi Eve,

Thanks for contacting us. We are cookware manufacturers. We are so sorry, but we can’t help you with your problem. We would recomend you to contact the manufacturer of your cooktop to solve this issue. Kind regards.

Di Mealing
March 2, 2019

Bellini induction hob keeps cutting out and heats better on lower setting !please can you advise

March 4, 2019

Hi Di,
Thanks for contacting us. We are cookware manufacturers so, unfortunately, we can’t help you with your induction hob. We would recommend you to contact Bellini manufacturer’s customer service.

April 23, 2019

I have a small 8″iduction pan that leaks steam around the base and burns underneath, is it u/s?

April 24, 2019

Hi Rabbitron,
Is this pan a Castey / Fundix pan? In case it is, please, contact our customer service department at They would need a picture of the pan and a brief description of the problem. In case your pan is made by another manufacturer, we recommend you contact them as they are the ones who can best help you. Regards.

June 12, 2019

Although my saucoands are for my induction hob only the large one works on all rings medium on one and small on none why is this

June 13, 2019

Hi Beryl,

This is because the induction base of your medium and small pans is too small to activate the sensors of your induction hobs. Measure the diameter of the inductive part of the base of your pan and check if it’s large enough to reach the edge of the hob. You can also ask the manufacturer to tell you which is the diameter of the induction base (the diameter of the inductive part of the base of a pan is usually smaller than the whole base). Unfortunately, if the induction base is not wide enough to fit the hob diameter, you won’t be able to use these pans in your induction hob. Hope this helps!

June 26, 2019

I have an induction cooktop . i was using it since 2 year now. but from today its not detecting the pan or pot that i put on top of it. those pan or pots was worked with this induction cooktop before. Is this the sensor issue or any other?? how to troubleshoot it???

June 28, 2019

Hi Anu,
All hobs of your induction cooktop have stop detecting your pots and pans? Or it’s just one of the hobs that’s not working? If all of them have stop working, the most probably reason is your cooktop has some failure. Unfortunately, we are cookware manufacturers, so we are not the right ones to give you any advice about how to check if your induction cooktop is working correctly. You should as your cooktop manufacturer.
Regarding your pots and pans, please check the following to be sure they don’t have any problem:
. Ensure its base is still completely plain and that it perfectly contacts with the induction cooktop. Some pots and pans lose its shape with use and this is one of the reasons they stop activating induction cooktops.
. Place a magnet in the base of your pots and pans. If it doesn’t get fixed, your pots and pans are not induction ready anymore.
(Instead of these, you can also check if your pots and pans work in another induction cooktop).
Anyway, according of the description of your problem, I would say your cooktop is not working correctly.
Please, let us know if you have more questions.

Tracy Stewart
October 11, 2019

Hi, I have a Neff induction hob and use the correct pans, but all the rings make a beeping sound when using.
Is this a problem

November 12, 2019

Hello Tracy, you should talk to Neff company to check if there’s a problem with your Induction Hob. If it’s not, maybe your pans have some manufacturer defect, and for this reason they make a beeping sound. Hope it helps you.

November 3, 2019

It didn’t answer my question!!!!

November 12, 2019

Please, tell us your problem with your Induction Cooktop. Hope we can answer your question and help you.

November 3, 2019

why does my induction hob stop working while cooking? EG was boiling potatoes to make some mash. water got up to boiling temperature and was cooking the potatoes nicely but towards then end and before the potatoes were fully cooked the hob stopped work. The power light was showing the cooking level ok. There was no spillage and the pan sat over the correct place on the hob. but no matter where the pan was placed I could not get it to boil again. The pan is ok for working on an induction hob but does the pan molecular structure break down after a period of time/ although the hob is still registering the presence of the pan no further cooking takes place. I cannot find the answers. Can you help?

November 12, 2019

Hello Steve, it looks like there’s a problem with your Induction Hob. Please check with the company if there’s something broken. If not, the base of your pan probably has a manufacturer defect that doesn’t allow you cook well.

January 13, 2020

I have 2 saucepans (1 old/1 new) that are the same size (14cm). The new one is for induction hobs & the other is an old one that a magnet sticks to. They both work on my AEG ‘MaxiSense’ induction hob. The old one heats up much quicker & responds to the ‘power boost’ but the new one takes 3 times as long to heat up & the ‘power boost’ doesn’t seem to activate. I’m having the same problem with another 16cm saucepan from the new range. However, a 20cm stockpot from the new set of pans works fine – as does the 24cm frying pan. Any idea why the new 14 & 16cm saucepans are not heating up as quick as my old saucepan or the stockpot & frying pan?

January 13, 2020

Maybe I should point out that the base of my new saucepans are not completely covered by a metal looking plate – meaning that not all of the saucepan base comes into contact with the hob. The same applies to the larger stockpot but the metal plate is obviously larger. I don’t know what these base plates are made of to make them work on induction hobs but it seems there’s not enough of whatever it is in the base of the two new smaller saucepans! Half a pint of water is taking nearly 3mins to bring to boiling point in the new pans but the same amount of water reaches boiling point in around 90seconds.

January 13, 2020

I omitted to say that half a pint of water reaching boiling point in around 90seconds applied to my old saucepan

January 14, 2020

Hi Sandra,

According to your comments, everything seems to indicate your new pans have no good performance in your induction cooktop. Maybe the induction base used by the manufacturers of your new pans is not wide enough to fit with the hob diameter of your cooktop and, for this reason, even though they can activate it, they don’t heat up correctly. There are many different induction bases for cookware in the marketplace and not all them have the same performance. Our Castey pans come with Full Induction system, which works very well in all cooktops. Cooking vessel material also affects your pan performance. Cast iron and cast aluminium cookware heat up fast and evenly. On the other hand, common stainless steel or low-price pressed aluminium doesn’t have the same energy efficiency. We recommend you check with your cookware manufacturer for more information. Hope this helps!!!

January 14, 2020

I think you’ve hit the nail on the head! I’ve just measured the induction base on the new 14cm & 16cm pans & they’re the same size, meaning they’ll both perform the same (ie not very well!). The induction base on the 20cm stockpot & the frying pan (which both work perfectly) is much bigger than the induction base of the 2 saucepans. It definitely seems as though the base of the smaller saucepans are not performing well. They work to a degree, inasmuch that they do heat up the contents, but nowhere near as fast as they should. They’re performing in a way that would make you think they’re on a low heating level. I can hear the ‘power boost’ kick in when I use the stockpot/frying pan but not when I use the smaller saucepans. I’ll contact AEG to find out if there’s a minimum base size needed, on my model, to activate the power boost. If there is & my smaller saucepans don’t meet this size then that’s where my problem lies & I’ll contact the cookware manufacture. Thank you so much for your help & advice, I really do appreciate it.

Azhar Khokon
January 27, 2020

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