Non-Stick Griddle with Black Removable Long Handle

22x22cm and 27x27cm

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Start eating simply griddled to enjoy the genuine flavour of each ingredient. Castey Induction Griddle toasts food uniformly to perfection and prevents the most delicate ingredients to break or stick in the cooking surface. It’s perfect for low fat cooking, as it avoids food from sticking on the cooking surface, even when no oil or butter is used. It features safety secure removable handle to clean easier by hand, take advantage of storage space, save space in the dishwasher and place it in and remove from oven without using mittens. It’s suitable for induction and all cooking surfaces. With Limited Lifetime Warranty.


• Perfect even heat distribution to cook food fast and evenly.
• It makes the most of energy used to less consumption and costs.
• Non-warping structure to never lose its shape and always maintain a perfect contact with cooking surface.
• Removable handle to clean pans easier by hand, take advantage of storage space, save space in the dishwasher, place pans in and remove from oven without using mittens and use your cookware as bakeware.
• Food doesn’t stick on cooking surface, even without adding oil.
• Perfect for healthy low fat cooking.
• Perfect weight and balance to create a pleasurable experience while cooking.
• Suitable for induction and all cooktops.
• Easy to clean.
• Dishwasher safe.
• Oven safe up to 250°C / 450°F (without handle).


• Thick and solid vacuum pressure cast aluminium vessel.
• Full Induction base.
• Durable high quality PFOA free non-stick coating.
• Removable handle with safety secure system.
• Limited lifetime warranty.