Roaster Pan Tempered Glass Lid with Silicone Rim and Stainless Steel Knob – 40cm


Castey Rectangular Tempered Glass Lid is a Vulcano Roaster Pan accessory. It has silicone protection both to protect the top of the cooking vessel and prevent its deterioration and to increase lid resistance and durability. It comes with hidden steam release system to gradually release steam while cooking. You can also use it in the oven and it’s really practical and comfortable. With Limited Lifetime Warranty.


• Higher resistance and durability than conventional glass lids.
• It protects the top of the cooking vessel to prevent deterioration.
• Provides total cooking control.
• Perfect protection against splashes.
• Comfortable and secure handling without mittens.
• Oven safe


• Protective silicone rim.
• Silicone knob.
• Hidden steam release system.
• Limited lifetime warranty.