Forged Aluminium Wok with Non-Stick Coating Reinforced with Titanium-based Particles

Ø 28cm

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Mastering Asian cooking requires creating a dish in whole harmony in which each ingredient is cooked to enhance its natural color, shape and flavour. Titanium non-stick cast aluminium wok weight and balance is perfect to create a pleasurable experience while cooking. It cooks all ingredients to perfection all around its cooking surface and it’s suitable for induction and all cooktops. Its high quality non-stick coating avoids food from sticking on the cooking surface, even when no oil or butter is used. It includes high quality titanium particles to achieve superior durability and non-stick properties. Moreover, ergonomic soft-touch handles provide easy, comfortable and secure handling. With Limited Lifetime Warranty.


• Perfect even heat distribution to cook food fast and evenly.
• It makes the most of energy used to less consumption and costs.
• Non-warping structure to never lose its shape and always maintain a perfect contact with cooking surface.
• Food doesn’t stick on cooking surface, even without adding oil.
• Perfect for healthy low fat cooking.
• Perfect weight and balance to create a pleasurable experience while cooking.
• Suitable for induction and all cooktops.
• Easy to clean.
• Dishwasher safe.
• Oven safe up to 250°C / 450°F


• Thick forged aluminium body to achieve perfect even heat distribution.
• Full Induction base.
• High quality non-stick coating reinforced with titanium-based particles for long life durability and great resistance to abrasion.
• Soft touch handle with ergonomic design.
• Limited lifetime warranty.